Invivo's pocket planters turn any wall or fence into a vertical garden.

The Invivo pocket is an easy-to-install, modular planter that can be mounted on fences, balconies, walls, and railings. Enjoy herbs, flowers, and vegetables within arm's reach – even in downtown apartments and compact townhouses – and turn your unused spaces into lush gardens, yielding fun and food!

You can use Invivo Pockets to grow lettuces, cherry tomatoes, chives, strawberries, basil, and many other veggies, herbs, flowers or succulents. Invivo pockets were cut and sewn by people with special needs.

The Invivo pocket has drainage holes so you never have to worry about over-watering.

The Invivo pocket has 7-8 litre (~2 gallons) of root space. Enough for most veggies!

See our FAQ for information about installation, planting, and watering.

Contact us for any questions or special requests.


You are welcome to look around our gallery, get inspired, browse our store, and turn your unused spaces into lush gardens, yielding fun and food!

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